Who We Are

Technology is a means to digitise how People work and to enable them to reach maximum productivity.
– Bongani Ubisi

BonPro Information Solutions (BonPro) is an end to end business productivity enabling partner through People development & training, business Process development and providing Technology tools. BonPro exists to enable organisations to optimise their performance and achieve success. Utilising BonPro Information Solutions enables organisations to implement solutions quicker with measurable benefits and immediate value realisation.

Our vision is to be a business productivity enabler partner that drives customer success in all businesses.

  • Is to enable business to realise and benefit from its potential by optimising productivity.
  • Ensuring alignment and capacity in People, Process and Technology.
  • To ensure that IT is done the right way by optimising systems from Basic to Dynamic.

We believe in these Core Values which enable our Vision and Mission, these are the reasons we exist:

  • People
  • Process
  • Technology


Can you imagine a future where only technological system are running organisations with no human intervention. We can’t! BonPro believes in technology and strives to be advanced and innovative. Even if an organization can acquire the best of systems; without the capable people it wont succeed.

We build and champion Technology solutions to break barriers and to enhance how People work. Technology is a means to digitise how People work and to enable them to reach maximum productivity. People are to use Technology to perform their work, thus it should not be a threat.


Try digging a tunnel from both ends with the aim of meeting in the middle. It is very possible, however; it shall take more effort, time and costs to eventually connect in the middle. We’ve encountered and engaged organisations that function this way. Organisations that hire the best people and spend on money on the latest technologies yet:

  • Too many projects and initiative take time to implement and eventually fail.
  • Staff morale is low, and your best people are leaving.
  • The technology you’ve invested so much on is not being used correctly if not at all.
  • People are working in silos and duplicate efforts.
    BonPro Information Solutions assists organisations to clearly define processes, standardise and automate how people work. We walk the distance with our client organisations.


Your organization has invested money in state-of-the-art technology, but it isn’t working for you. Perhaps you are looking at acquiring the latest and greatest technology but do not know where to start-let us help you.

BonPro provides technology solutions that are based on organizational processes and are designed for the people. We believe that an organization and people should dictate how technology works not the other way around.

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