Who We Are

Technology is a tool meant to digitise how People work in order to reach maximum productivity.

– Bongani Ubisi


BonPro Information Solutions (BonPro) is an end to end business productivity enabling partner through People development & training, business Process development and providing Technology tools. BonPro exists to enable organisations to optimise their performance and achieve success.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a business productivity enabler partner that drives customer success in all businesses.

Our Mission

  •  Is to enable business to realise and benefit from its potential by optimising productivity.
  • Ensuring alignment and capacity in People, Process and Technology.
  • To ensure that IT is done the right way by optimising systems from Basic to Dynamic.

Our Values

We believe in these Core Values which enable our Vision and Mission, these are the reasons we exist:

  • People
  • Process
  • Technology


Imagine a future where only technological system are running the show no human intervention. We can’t! BonPro believes in technology and always strives to be ahead of time. Yet, without people there’s no technology. Without capable people an organisation can implement the best of technologies and still won’t achieve its objectives. Thought the irony is that employees wish for technologies that automate how they do their work-the very employees/workers are indispensable. The human touch and intelligence cannot be replaced by technology nor process. Technology is a tool meant to digitise how People work in order to reach maximum productivity. People make technology work!


Get your team to try digging a tunnel from both ends with the aim of meeting in the middle. Very possible to dig the tunnel and after doing more than twice the work you’ll eventually meet in the middle. Yes it is bad and there is a possibility that this is how your organisation operates. You’ve hire capable people and spent money in the latest technologies yet:

  • Too many projects and initiative take time to implement and eventually fail.
  • Staff morale is low and your best people are leaving.
  • The technology you’ve invested so much on is not being used correctly if not at all.
  • People are working in silos; we know who is supposed to do but don’t know how to.

Unless your capable people have clearly defined and standard processes aligned to their roles, no efficiency shall be gained. Perhaps you do have processes but do they align to how your people work or these are based off something you got on the internet? You’ll be surprised what a huge contribution your people can make on how your organisation operates.


Now that you’ve planned your trip to space, you have the capable people to help you get there and the route mapped out; what are you using to get there? Do you use a spaceship, rocket or Harry‘s Nimbus2000? Even better, you have your top of the range spaceship but are you able to pilot it and are the legislative requirements fulfilled for you to get to your destination? Yes, we are referring to that technology you are planning to buy and the one you’ve already spent a lot of money on yet it’s not fulfilling the purpose. The hurtful truth is that unless the technology is designed for your people and is based on your organisational process not an individual; your money and time is wasted.

BonPro provides solutions that enable collaboration between the three: We build technical solutions that are based on organisational processes for the people. The organisation and its people dictate to technology not the other way round.